Image Size Settings

Finally, you don’t have to add any code snippets to change the built-in image sizes, you can simply adjust them in the Settings > Media section, in the same way as for the default WordPress image sizes. You can change the maximum width and height, or adjust the cropping position.

Fullscreen Image Galleries

An option to enable fullscreen image galleriesю

In the new version, it’s possible to enable fullscreen image galleries in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Display section, so users will be able to zoom and view the listing images in fullscreen mode.

Extended Keyword Search

An option to include custom fields in the keyword search.

There’s a new “Indexable” option for attributes, by checking it you can include the attribute value in the keyword search. It works also for categories, so if you simply type the category name its listings will be found. Previously, the WP Extended Search plugin was required for this purpose.

Attributes in the Search Form

A long-awaited feature that allows adding the category drop-down or any custom selectable attribute to the main search form, in addition to the filter form. You can also hide the keyword search in HivePress > Settings > Listings > Search section.

Mixed Attribute Display Formats

Now it’s possible to use any attribute value in another attribute’s display format. For example, you can create a Price and Currency attributes, and then set this display format for the Price attribute:

%listing.currency% %value%

Then the first part in this format will be replaced with the currency option selected by the user.

Vendor Profile Completion

In the new version, there’s a new “Complete Profile” step in the listing submission process, so vendors can’t add a new listing without completing all the required profile fields. This is useful if you have some required vendor attributes, if not then the “Complete Profile” page is just skipped.

Date Offset Option for Attributes

An option to set the minimum date offset.

There’s a new option to set the dynamic Minimum Date for the Date attributes. For example, if you use it as a booking date you may want to set the Date Offset to zero – this means that users will not be able to select any past dates.

Improvements for Developers

There are also a few improvements to HivePress API (actions and filters), that may be useful if you’re a developer customizing HivePress or extending its functionality.

Now, if you add any action to the CRUD hook, you can get the model object as a second parameter, previously only the object ID was passed. A quick example of a custom function that changes the listing title to “hello world” once it’s updated:

	function( $listing_id, $listing ) {
		$listing->set_title( 'hello world' )->save_title();

Also, there’s a new way to set the account notifications number (useful for extensions), if you add the code snippet below it’ll display the notifications number next to the “My Account” link in the header section:

	function() {
		hivepress()->request->set_context( 'notice_count', 123 );

Moreover, there’s a new way to add the custom attribute functionality to any HivePress model, by using the hivepress/v1/components/attribute/models hook. If you pass the model name to it, it’ll automatically register all the required meta boxes and settings.

If you wanted to override the default email template, now there’s an easy way to do this, you can simply place a /hivepress/email/email-content.php file within the child theme folder and add any custom HTML there, you can use this code to output the email content:

echo $email->get_body();

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • The form submission button is now blocked until all the files are loaded
  • Options in selectable attributes now display the proper hierarchy
  • Editing attribute options is now blocked for draft attributes
  • Listings are moved to Trash instead of being deleted permanently
  • Listing categories are now displayed in the Edit table
  • Long listing titles and vendor names appearance is now fixed
  • HivePress now has basic compatibility with PHP 8
  • More translatable strings are available for extensions

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