The attachments API allows you to upload, update and delete attachments.

Upload attachment

POST /wp-json/hivepress/v1/attachments

  • parent_model string Parent model.
  • parent_field string Parent field.
  • parent_id int Parent ID.

Update attachment

POST /wp-json/hivepress/v1/attachments/<id>

  • order int Order.

Delete attachment

DELETE /wp-json/hivepress/v1/attachments/<id>


The listings API allows you to update and delete listings.

Update listing

POST /wp-json/hivepress/v1/listings/<id>

  • title string Title.
  • description string Description.

Delete listing

DELETE /wp-json/hivepress/v1/listings/<id>


The users API allows you to register, update and delete users.

Register user

POST /wp-json/hivepress/v1/users

  • username string Username.
  • email string Email address.
  • password string Password.

Update user

POST /wp-json/hivepress/v1/users/<id>

  • first_name string First name.
  • last_name string Last name.
  • description string Description.
  • email string Email address.
  • password string Password.

Delete user

DELETE /wp-json/hivepress/v1/users/<id>

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