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Drop-down list of attributes

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  • Kim

    How can child attributes be grouped into parent attributes so that it is visually more convenient and the search goes faster? (When adding an ad.)
    Как можно сгруппировать дочерние атрибуты в родительские, чтобы визуально было удобнее и быстрее шёл поиск? (При добавлении объявления.)

    ihor developer

    If you mean categories there’s no such option yet, but if you mean drop-down options of some Select attribute there should be a Search option available in the drop-down if there are more than 25 results.

    P.S. Please post in English so questions/answers will be useful to others.


    Then how can I change the display of attributes to check the box when viewing from a computer to horizontal?

    ihor developer

    Sorry, I can’t quite understand the issue – if you mean drop-down options there’s always a vertical list with a Search field at the top if there are more than 25 results.


    Sorry , I confused you . I’ve sorted out the list. This is a new question, I did not open a new section. I am asking about the possibility of vertical display of attributes when selecting a checkbox. Viewing on desktop

    ihor developer

    It’s possible, but requires CSS tweaks, but default attributes are displayed in a row. If you’re familiar with CSS please target these attributes via .hp-listing--view-page .hp-listing__attributes--secondary selector (for the single listing page).

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