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1 on 1 request

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  • lexp


    I am using taskhive but I would love to have the possibility that a seller can create a custom offer for a buyer.
    I realize the Requests extension is not completely that but I was wondering if it could be done somehow with this extension??


    Sorry just realized I should be more clear on what I mean 😉

    What I would like is that a seller can create a custom offer without a buyer having to create a request first.

    For example this scenario:
    A seller has an offer online. Buyer is interested but would like some additional things. The buyer contacts by chat the seller to ask if this is possible.
    Seller is ok but needs to make a custom offer as this would be a little bit more expensive.
    Seller makes a custom offer and sends it to buyer.
    If buyer approves he gets redirected to pay for the custom offer.


    Additional orders and sending a custom request to seller or buyer 😉
    We have to wait for theese features 🙂 Or you can consider to hire someone because its possible to do it.

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion, it’s a great idea for the Requests update. At the moment there are 2 workarounds:

    – Seller can contact the buyer first, asking the buyer to create a request with the budget they agreed on, then the seller simply posts an offer to this request and the buyer accepts it immediately.

    – Seller adds a custom listing just for this buyer (and sends a link to it via the private messages) and hides it immediately after it’s purchased.

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