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    Hi, i have found 2 things:

    1. Search/Sort/Filter problem.
    1. Search for some words eg. “text”
    2. Clear search box (without clicking “Search” button)
    3. Filter or sort – the cleared text search word is used to filter or sort again, but has been cleared before, And apeares in search form again. The only what user can do is set search box to “” and click “Search” again.

    2. If vendor deletes account, listing items of that user still are on listingis (thats ok in my case), but photos from the listing items are deleted


    Thanks for reporting this, I added these issues to the bug tracker and will resolve them as soon as possible. The first one is a minor issue because these forms are not synced, the search form has higher priority (e.g. if you submit it then filters are cleared, submitting the main search form is considered as a new search).


    @Ihor, You are welcome, i think the first issue is very important, the forms schould be synced. Users will be searching for both parameters (filter and words) at the same time, Now it is imposible and filering/sorting/ gives not expected results


    @ihor, I have found a workaround for 1sr issue,I moved the search box to the filter:
    function( $form ) {
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘type’] = ‘text’;
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘display_type’] = ‘search’;
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘max_length’] = ‘256’;
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘_order’] = ‘0’;
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘label’] = ‘Buscar – Palabras claves’;
    $form[‘fields’][‘s’][‘placeholder’] = ‘Palabras claves’;
    return $form;

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