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A few general questions from a beginner)

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    Hi! A few questions:
    1.If I want to create a marketplace for renovation services, which theme is more suitable for me: ExpertHive or TaskHive? It is assumed that the commission from the transaction is paid by the contractor. Access is free for the customer
    2. is it possible to set the milestones of project in any theme or plugin?
    3. Do I understand correctly that I will need to purchase an additional Marketplace plugin? And anything else?
    4. If I start with a free ListingHive theme, after purchasing paid themes, will I have to start all over again?

    ihor developer


    1. Both themes have the same set of extensions so this depends on the design preference, ExpertHive seems to be better because its design is focused on service providers (for example, there’s a service provider profile image displayed for listings instead of the listing image).

    2. There’s no such option at the moment, each order has a single status (processing/completed/refunded or canceled).

    3. No, it’s included with the theme (also Requests, Tags, and 7 free extensions are included).

    4. No, but some content may require adjustments since the theme styles are different.


    Ok, Thx!
    “2. is it possible to set the milestones of project in any theme or plugin?” -And it is not planned in the future?

    ihor developer

    If possible send more details, do you mean breaking orders into sub-orders and marking them as “completed” separately (like milestones)?


    Yes, tfank you, that’s right. The sub-orders associated with the main order would solve the problem. More details: Renovation or construction is a long transaction that consists of several stages: design, preparatory work, electrics, plumbing, air conditioning, finishing, etc. Each stage is usually paid separately. Ideally, each stage can have different contractors(but this is unprincipled)
    For sub-orders, will I need improvements at the code level of the child theme, or will I be able to do something with the settings?


    @Ihor In the Marketplace, after the payment, the money goes directly to the seller, you may need to make sure that the money remains on the site, but after accepting the order, the money is transferred to the seller’s account and that each user has their own money account on the site, for example, the service of IT specialists “Kwork” is arranged”

    ihor developer

    @Felix Please consider using separate service listings as a workaround, for example contractors may list a design service, electrics service, plumbing service, etc. This way users can start with purchasing the design, and pay for these stages one by one, with an option to switch the contractor (since these would be different orders). Implementing sub-orders within the same payment/order would require advanced customizations.

    Thanks, will try to improve the payout process.


    Okay, thanks.


    Sorry,another question: Is it possible to attach files to the order and the contractor’s profile?

    ihor developer

    It’s possible to attach files to the contractor’s profile, service listings, requests and messages, but it’s not possible for orders directly (buyers and sellers can send files via messages).

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