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A few questions regarding the Bookings extension (features and bugs)

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  • ThomasB

    Hi Ihor and team

    Great extension, and thanks for an early release. Hope you can help clarifying a few questions for me:

    Feature requests and questions
    1. Is it possible to add a full calendar view for the Vendor by combining all listing-calendars into one? This way, the vendor can get a full picture of their calendar in one go and would help them immensely in getting an overview of their workday/week/month. This could be a section on the left side on their private account’s page. If possible, please provide an ETA.

    2. Adding time slots to the calendar would be an absolute killer feature. Do you have an ETA for release of this?

    3. Can we hide the calendar view for specific categories? For example, for some categories a calendar view for the buyer doesn’t make sense, but activating the Booking Extension activates it globally on the site.

    4. How do we hide one or more of the four default attributes (booking Offset/Window/Minimum Booking/Maximum Booking)? And can this be done per category?

    1. The buyer-view of the calendar is different from your demo (has been raised before by others), which means that choosing a date isn’t as intuitive

    2. Blocked dates aren’t greyed out for the buyer

    3. On the service listed, it add’s “/day” after the price for all listings. How do we remove this?

    4. In the messages between buyer and seller, the first message from buyer to sender isn’t included in the message thread. So when buyer includes a message when making the booking, this first message isn’t included in the message thread between buyer and seller. The first message included is the one from the seller. Would be nice to have the first message included as well.

    Thanks a ton!


    Feature requests and questions
    5. If any of the default attributes are chosen (filled out) by the vendor, how is this displayed to the buyer? For example, if vendor sets a Minimum Booking Duration for 90 days, this would be nice for the buyer the know before trying to pick dates.


    1.1 In my Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers the arrows are way too big πŸ™‚

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback,

    1, 2. These features are on the roadmap, but there’s no specific ETA. This extension has a high priority (along with the Marketplace and Requests) and it’ll be frequently updated though.

    3. Please describe a use case for this.

    4. It’s possible to hide these globally via the hivepress/v1/forms/listing_update filter.

    5. Thanks, this makes sense, in the current version the min/max length is just enforced in the date picker.
    1. If possible send more details, do you mean that the date picker styles are broken? You can try disabling third-party plugins for a moment.

    2. Do you mean dates blocked manually or the existing bookings? This may be related to the styling issue.

    3. The easiest way to change or remove this format is via the Loco Translate plugin.

    4. Please let me know what you mean about including a message, sending a message before clicking on the Buy Now button?


    Feature requests and questions
    Thanks for swift reply!
    1. Thanks, looking forward.

    2. Thanks, looking forward.

    3. Our case: our vendors have four different categories they can choose from. For three categories, a calendar view does not make sense. The services listed under these categories don’t depend on choosing a date, it’s a simple purchase without relevance to an exact date. But for the fourth category, it is dependent on picking dates.

    4. Alright. Can we use this filter to hide just one of them? And is it possible to hide/unhide per category? So for some categories the “Minimum” range is relevant, for other categories it’s not.

    5. Thanks. Looking forward to see it live when it’s implemented.

    1. Yes, the date picker style is broken. The only styling app we use is Elementor.

    2. I haven’t tried with existing bookings. It’s related to dates blocked manually by the vendor.

    3. Ahhhh sure, thanks.

    4. Sure. The booking flow (with this extension) is now that the buyer clicks on “Request to book” and is redirected to a new page. On this page, there is a “Description” field where the buyer can ask questions or whatever to the vendor. The text in this Description field would make sense to include in the message thread between vendor and buyer to keep the entire history of their communication. Currently, the text included in the Description field from the buyer is not included in the message thread. Hope it clarifies it a bit..


    Feature requests and questions
    6. Adding attributes to the booking form do not show up on the vendor’s screen. For example, we have added an attribute checkbox called “Request non-binding call.” Once the vendor gets an email notification saying that a new request for booking has been sent by a buyer, the vendor should see on her screen that the buyer requested a non-binding call. Maybe I am missing something, but I can’t make it work πŸ™‚

    ihor developer

    3. Thanks, I guess this should be implemented for the main extensions like Marketplace and Bookings.
    4. Sorry, there’s no such option, but it’s easy to hide these fields globally with a simple fix, let me know if this works for you.
    6. Make sure that you assigned this custom attribute to some display area, then it’ll be visible on the booking page.

    1. Yes, seems like an Elementor conflict (they load the same date picker), please check if there’s an option to disable their date picker widget.
    2. This may be related to the previous one.
    4. Thanks for the details, will consider turning the initial note into a message. At the moment it’s displayed on the booking page.


    3. Got it. Any eta of when you expect this to be finished? It’s quite important to us.. Do you have any details on how to hide the date picker globally?
    4. As a temporary fix we can hide them all. Please provide whatever details you may have πŸ™‚
    6. Got it. Will play around with it, thanks.

    1. I contacted their support to see if they can help.
    2. Same as above.
    4. Thanks.

    ihor developer

    3. There’s no ETA yet, but there’s a queue of extensions that we constantly update one by one, and the Marketplace, Bookings, Requests, Memberships have a high priority.

    4. You can try using this one:

    	function( $form ) {
    		return $form;

    By the way, we plan to start offering customization services next week (there will be an email notification), you can consider hiring one of our developers for tailoring the booking or marketplace features.



    Where should I place this code snippet? Also, how do I hide the date picker globally? Ie. the field called “Dates” just above the “Request Booking” button? I want to hide all this until it’s customised to our needs while still keeping the “Request booking” flow πŸ™‚

    Thanks for letting me know about your customisation services! Will definitely explore it.


    Also, FYI, regarding the Elementor issue (date picker layout conflicts), Elementor wants you to start a thread on their GitHub page:

    ihor developer

    You can manage code snippets via a child theme or this plugin Unfortunately there’s no easy way to hide the Dates field because it’s required for creating a booking request.

    Since Elementor is also open-source you can create a new issue there (for example, please let me know if you find any additional details. I’ll also check this before releasing the next update, I guess they load some custom version of a date picker with altered styles so it conflicts with the HivePress date picker.

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