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A multilingual website. How do I create duplicate ads?

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  • Sergej

    Hi Igor,
    I am creating a multilingual site and using the Polylang plugin. To duplicate pages in different languages, no problem everything works well.
    But when I select a category , when I switch to subcategories and the final ad, the site switches to the main language.
    In other words, I can ‘t duplicate ad categories into other languages as I do with pages.
    Can I make sure that when selecting subcategories and the final ad, the site does not switch the menu to the main language?
    Or can you tell me how to configure the site in my case ?


    ihor developer


    I haven’t tested HivePress with Polylang yet, but I’ll do so as soon as possible. Please note that it will work only if you disable front-end listing submission or translate ads manually for other users, Polylang doesn’t have front-end options for adding translations. If listings are added by users you can consider using the Google Translate plugin


    Thank you very much!
    It turned out to be very simple.
    I activated the categories and ads in the “Custom post types and Taxonomies” settings. After that, I was able to add translations for categories and ads as well as for categories.
    So far I am very happy!
    Next, I’ll try with the “Google Translate plugin” for final ads…


    Hi Sergej, good morning;

    Everything right with your project? can you show the result?
    I want to do with



    Hi Сallsp, good day!

    I looked at your website. Very beautiful.
    I just started making a website.
    I will be happy to talk about this topic.
    As for the translation, so far I am not happy with how everything works.
    In the end, I installed the “GTranslate” plugin and was very happy with it. After adding the first trial ad (in Russian), everything was perfectly translated into different languages, including the ad itself.
    Until yesterday, I was happy.
    Another ad was added today (in German). I don’t know what happened….
    Final ads have stopped being translated.
    Here is my site:
    While I’m sad 🙁


    Don’t be sad Sergej, soon you will solve it.
    Thank you for your words about my website.
    My site lacks a lot of things, the first of which is a routine of importing ads via XML … well, I’ll look ahead and I’ll solve it soon

    Tks too IHOR, your plugin is very very good


    Thank you Callsp, for your kind words.
    Yes, the plugin is very good!
    I just set myself a very difficult task with translating the site into different languages. I hope I can do it .
    I wish you all the work done as soon as possible.

    ihor developer

    @Sergej, implementing multilingual listings may be hard because it’s impossible to force users to translate listings into all languages offered by your site, it’s easy with all the forms, buttons etc. because there’re static texts that can be switched by Polylang. I’m afraid that there’re 2 options, translating listings for users manually via back-end (once a listing is added or edited), or using automatic translation like Google Translate.


    Ihor, yes, I agree.
    I noticed the following:
    Google Translate does its work well if all the posts and the site itself are in the same language. Of course, the translation is machine-made and not the best, but I think site visitors will forgive. All the same, the meaning will be clear to everyone. I think the main thing is that all the posts are translated into one language (in my case, English), then in Google Translate in the settings, select the translation from English.
    “Of course, it can’t translate from all languages or half of the site from one language and the other part from another language.”
    Therefore, in my case, I see the following events:
    1. Translate all posts into English.
    2. Ask users to add posts in English if possible (I have a website for travelers and I hope that there will be more visitors with knowledge of English).
    3. After all, you can always switch to the publication language with a single click and translate the text in a separate window of Google or another program. .
    Of course, all this is not so great, but the other I can not yet implement.

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