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Ability to send message notification to listing email, not vendor email

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    We’ve added a number of listings to our directory by importing the information via csv. Right now they are all “owned” by my own admin user account. When users send any of these listings a message, I get the email notification as the ‘Vendor’ of these listings.

    I would like the email notification to go to the email address listing in the listings. Once the new vendor creates an account and claims the listings, then they can message with the user.

    Is this possible now? If not, please make this a feature.



    There’s no such option unfortunately, because listings don’t have the hard-coded email field like users do, implementing something like this would require code customizations. This is the purpose of the Claim Listings extension – if business owners want to be able to reply they should claim their listings. There also may be a workaround, e.g. hiding the message button for listings that are not claimed yet.

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