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About Listing a freelance service

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  • Auguste Cherilus

    Hello good afternoon? I need help, because no one can not publish a service on our site.
    Look how it happens, when a Freelance publish a service, that is after placing tofos, texts, price and more. And he sent for review, first the service did not submit for review and I as Administrator did not receive anything in the Administrator panel, only in the part where to store all the Files received the photos that the freelance just submitted for review, but, the service did not receive.

    I myself do test to see what happened, it came out the same when I publish a service as freelances the service did not send for review of the Administrators.

    That’s why I need help, thank you.

    ihor developer

    Please let me know if you get to the last “thanks for submitting…” page, if not then this may be a caching issue – please try disabling third-party plugins and check if this issue persists.

    Auguste Cherilus

    Hello, I don’t get to the last “thank you for sending” page.
    When adding for review does not get to the last page of “thank you for submitting

    I cleared all my caches.
    After I tried again the same thing came out.

    You told me to: try to disable third party plugins and check if this problem persists.

    That I do not understand perfectly, I do not know if you can explain again in more detail?

    Auguste Cherilus

    I disable third party plugins, because I create another account in an incognito window and I add a new service and it came out the same.

    ihor developer

    If possible send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.

    Auguste Cherilus

    Ok thanks I just sent all the WP accesses by Email support, I hope they are all ok.

    Also if I want you to help me to add other functions more.
    For example: there are many functions similar to Fiverr I want to add in my platform.
    I don’t know if it’s going to cost me a lot of money. ?????

    Auguste Cherilus

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about some functions that I do not find in the Themes and the plugin, I buy all the plugin, but I do not find these functions.

    # 1: About a Form after purchase:

    For example: there are many functions similar to Fiverr that I want to add on my platform.

    Look at an example: On Fiverr after making a purchase of a service, it is mandatory to fill out a form that consists of many information about your service: Such as
    1- Company name:…………………………….
    2- Your competitors:……………………………………..
    3- Brand colors:…………………………………
    4- Brand details:…………………………………
    5- Text to place in logo or brand:………………
    There are much more things that they ask for Freelance to work better. like from 1 to 10 things I think.
    And in all the fields like 1 to 10 there is space to upload files.

    # 2: About the Buyers and Freelances Screen
    How can I have access to the screens of the buyers and Freelances? to know what they do in the conversations, if all is well for both.

    # 3: About Disputes:
    I don’t like the way this section works, because when the buyer makes a dispute only I as the Administrator received a message and nothing else.
    What I want in this section is that the 3 can alter in this conversations, I as administrator the buyer and the freelancer to solve the problem.

    # 4: About the contents:
    How can I have access to the contents that the freelancers send to the buyers? Just to see if the content is the same as what you offer freelance services.

    How can I help me to place these sections on my Platform?

    To have a complete Platform, please

    ihor developer

    1. Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, but we plan to implement it. In the current version there are 2 workarounds for this:
    – buyers can provide any extra details via the Order Note field
    – sellers can explicitly ask these questions via messages after the order is placed
    2. If you mean reading messages please try this code snippet as a temporary solution You can also set some block list of words and word parts (e.g. email domains to prevent sharing the email address via messages).
    3. Yes, the dispute form just sends an email at the moment, but we’ll try to improve this (most likely by implementing disputes within orders, so the admin, buyer and seller can communicate there).
    4. If you mean attachments these are uploaded to the WordPress/Media section.
    We understand that some Fiverr-like features may be still missing, but this theme is in the active development stage so it’ll get more features with every update. We also implemented all the essential service marketplace features (listing & ordering services, requesting payouts etc.) so if you’re testing your startup idea please consider using the existing features – if you notice the rapid revenue growth it’s always possible to implement new features (e.g. via the custom development).
    Hope this helps.

    Auguste Cherilus


    Auguste Cherilus

    Hello, I have a very serious problem, not like you can help me.
    The problem is that when a customer buys a service is marked automatic termination in Woocomece, ie the Freelance you do not have to do damage. it is very bad.

    What I need, is that when a client buys a service the status you have to mark as In Progress, so that the Freelance can work for the client, and when finished it will inviar for the client and the client mark as complete.

    Please help me because this one is very bad.
    because the status can not complete Automatic, otherwise I as Administrator have to modify the status of the manual order every purchase, it is impossible when the site you are going to receive a lot of order and in every night.

    By remember when the order is marked completed, the chat Freelance and buyer is not active, only the Administrator can unmark the status of the order to In progress to activate the chat for them.

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that the payment gateway you’re using marks newly paid orders as Processing. Then if you enabled manual order delivery in HivePress/Settings/Orders, buyers have to mark orders as completed manually before the seller receives the funds. Also, in case if some buyer forgets to mark the order as completed you can set some auto-completion period there.

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