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Account + listing-category + no geolocation

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  • andyyy

    Hi. First of all, thank you and congrats for really great theme. Its really nice and user friendly.
    I started to work with your theme, and have problems/questions regarding 3 subjects.

    1. I want to initially disable login/account feature, tried to “hide” it from header menu, but it doesn’t work. Do you suggest any other ways?

    2. /listing-category/ re-name to custom. Tried to add snippet you suggested in other topic, but it doesn’t work.

    `add_filter(‘hivepress/v1/taxonomies’, function($args) {

    return $args;

    3. Is geolocation search feature gonna appear only after adding Google Maps API? Is it normal that after clean demo download only “keywords search” appear?

    Thanks again!



    1. This CSS snippet should hide it:

    .header-navbar__actions {display:none;}

    2. Please try the snippet suggested here

    3. Yes, you need to install the Geolocation extension and set the Google Maps API key in order for the “location” field to appear.

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