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    Is it possible to display attributes from vendors in the account > settings page without they have to click on the “Add listing” button ?
    I want to let people complet their profile before they’re on the “Complete profile” page.

    ihor developer

    There’s no such option because regular users get a vendor profile only when they add a listing. Also, if you enable direct vendor registration in HivePress settings then users will be able to register directly via the “/register-vendor” URL, without listing anything.


    Thanks, it works.
    I enabled this setting and redirected the links for anyone to be directly registered as vendor


    Hi ihor,
    my website is running on

    On which URL can a visitor directly register as a vendor?
    You mentioned “/register-vendor”

    https://www.sporamo.de/magazin/register-vendor does not work for me – this URL redirects me to the standard User SIGN IN form and when I click on “register” I end up registering as a normal user, not a vendor.

    The visitors should register as vendors, not as users. How can I realize that?
    Do you have an advice?
    The correct URL for vendor registration would be great

    Thank you very much

    ihor developer

    Yes, this URL is correct, if you provide the default credentials (email/password) for registration there should be the next step (filling in the vendor details). Vendors are just users with their own vendor profile and listings (if you require adding at least 1 listing to become a vendor).


    Sorry, I have tested it now multiple times, but I don’t get it.

    I use this link https://www.sporamo.de/magazin/register-vendor

    Then I get to a “Sign in” form. Here I click on “Register”. Then I register in this registration form.
    BUT: THen I end up as a user – not as a vendor.

    How can I let visitors register als Vendors directly – without any listing.

    Thank you

    ihor developer

    After you fill in the registration form and submit it there should be a redirect to the “Complete Profile” step, you can try adding at least one required vendor attribute in Vendors/Attributes section to test this.


    sorry, semms like I don’t get it.

    I have set up different attributs for the vendor.
    And I do the registration by followjgn the https://www.sporamo.de/magazin/register-vendor link.

    Nevertheless when I sign up, I do not see the vendor attributs to fill them – which makes it impossible to follow your instruction I think.
    And: I end up as a normal User – a subscriber – and not a s a vendor.
    The Username is “yogaworld”

    I have made a screencast to show you what I have made
    maybe you can tell me based on the screencast what I am doing worng and how I can it finally fixed to register as a vendor directly, instead of registering as a user.

    Thank you very much.

    Best wishes

    ihor developer

    Thanks, now I understand – the registration process is interrupted because the email verification is enabled (so there’s no redirect on the same page). Please consider disabling it until this issue is fixed, you can also add some instructions for users to continue the registration process (they can simply click on the Register Vendor link again).


    I can not disable the email verification process as it’s mandatory due to GDPR.


    I have exactly the same issue. I need urgent help on this issue.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no workaround for this at the moment (users would have to return to the “Become a Seller” link since the email verification disrupts the registration process), but it’s added to the bug tracker and will be fixed in the next update.

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