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    Hello, please tell me how to give the user the option to choose a publication always?

    For example, now if a user chooses to place an ad for free, the system automatically publishes the ad for free when it is re-published. That is, if the first time the system offered a choice, then the second time the system did not allow you to make a choice and made the choice itself.

    Can you tell me if this can be fixed?


    If the limit is not exceeded then the package selection step is skipped. You can set the free limit to 1, then another renewal or submission will require selecting another package.


    Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I understand that. But I want to give users a choice always (without setting restrictions). Is it possible?


    Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to disable this, if there’s a free package and the limit is not exceeded then the “Select a Package” step will be skipped.

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