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Add/edit php files on Myphpadmin

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    Can I edit/add php files on myphpadmin without it being changed during updates ? I have tried the snippets plugin, but that doesn’t work well for integrating different files.


    I’m also not able to find the wp_content file that contains the theme on phpmyadmin.


    PHPMyAdmin is a tool for managing the database, not PHP files. You can edit your site files via the WordPress editor in Appearance/Theme Editor or via FTP (credentials can be found in your

    There are 2 ways to manage code snippets. I suggest using the Code Snippets plugin, or if you created a child theme for ListingHive you can add code snippets to its functions.php file. Please never edit HivePress or ListingHive files directly, all code snippets should use “add_action” or “add_filter” (so you can keep them outside of HivePress and ListingHive codebases), otherwise any update will erase your customizations.


    Thanks a lot.

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