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Add Images or A carousel Per Category

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    I want to add a Carousel Plugin, or Normal carousel Images onto the listings, per category. Not the Image behind the category name I am referring to.

    This will show below the search bar which is currently set with the theme.

    The Carousel I require it to have between 4 to 6 images on this with rotation.

    Pleas can you assist me this. Your help is much appreciated


    There’s no such feature in the ListingHive theme, this would require advanced customizations. Full-width listing carousel is available in TaskHive theme

    Hi Ihor

    Would it be possible for you to provide me with such customizations for LisitngsHive theme where I can add this? Can you provide me with A coding of which I can add example just an Image and I can change accordingly to how I require this on the Category Page.

    This will be Images Only per Category

    Please can you advise on the above


    I’m sorry, but customizations are not part of support (sometimes I provide a code snippet if there’s a simple solution, but implementing a carousel requires more customizations). You can hire someone via Fiverr to customize the layout and design of your site

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