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Add images to listing description.

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    Hi ihor,

    I just found a bug?

    I firstly uploaded images as the listing images.
    Then I selected one image from the Media Library as the featured image.

    I then clicked ‘add media’ button above the editor. Yes, I successfully added images to the description.

    But these images showed up in the ‘listing images’ section, which is not what I’m expecting.

    So I deleted those images from the ‘listing images’. I updated the listing, but all images in the listing description got lost as well, showing broken images on the front end…

    Is there any way I can add images to the description without having them show up in the ‘listing images’?


    ihor developer

    This is not a bug, but I agree that it may be confusing. It works this way for backward compatibility, all the images assigned to the current listing appear in the listing gallery. If you just want to insert some images to the listing description please upload them directly via the WordPress/Media section. Also, please note that listing descriptions allow plain text only by default, so saving listings with HTML images via the front-end may remove the HTML code.

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