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    1) I have registered an email and password. When I click on +Add Listing green block on category page to add listing it asks me to sign in. When I sign in it just gives me another sign in form.

    2) When I click on sign in, and add email and password I am not signed in.

    What am I doing wrong?
    What are the correct setting?
    Where do I correct them?


    Please try disabling third-party plugins and let me know if this issue persists.


    I have the same problem. For example, when I am on the homepage and I click to login, nothing changes on the page, the login button remains active (as if I am not logged in). When I am going to add a Listing, I am asked to login again (login works in this step). I accessed the HivePress Live Demo and the same problem.

    The error is similar to what happens when you have a cache plugins installed, where the user logs in but the public page of the cache is displayed and not the page of the user who logged in. Does HivePress or ListingHive have a cache in your code?

    Notes: I tested with a new WordPress installation with HivePress only. And I also tested it on the Live Demo (


    I’m aware of the issue on the demo site and will fix it as soon as possible, but it’s caused by caching plugins (LiteSpeed Cache in this case), not HivePress. Please try disabling third-party plugins and let me know if this issue remains. HivePress has the cache component, but it doesn’t cache HTML, it caches database query results.


    As for the cache plugin I really understand, I have already faced many problems with HTML caching on sites with many users. The only one that usually works is SWIFT Performance, but I don’t know if it pays to use it, it will reduce resources but depending on how the theme was built and the amount of plugins will make the page load slower. I have a blog in this situation, I’m using the Asset CleanUp plugin, where it compresses and groups only the CSS and JS files without causing problems in the html.

    But responding to this topic: Yes, I installed a clean version of WordPress and left only the HivePress and OsCommerce plugins installed, but the error persisted. I am using a DigitalOcean server at (if this information is important)


    Could you send a link to your site (with optional temporary WP access) to I tried to create a new droplet on DO and can’t reproduce this issue.


    Thank you! I sent the data by email.


    I hope I am not too late, I had the same problem but I found out that a plugin LiteSpeed Cache which comes with wordpress by default is what causes the error


    LiteSpeed Cache is not pre-installed by WordPress, but it may be pre-installed by your hosting provider or cloud service (like DigitalOcean, if you choose the OpenLiteSpeed droplet). Caching plugins may cause this issue because they replace the entire front-end with static HTML.

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