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Add listing should have option to list only below the Category of click

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    @ihor – i was exploring the theme and plugins – it is great.

    Suppose I have a Category Tree of
    1.1 – Books 1.2 – Electronics and so on till 1.14
    1.15 – Pets
    2.1 – Dogs 2.2 Cats 2.3 Birds
    2.3.1 – Parrots
    2.3.2 – Canary

    Like that – I mean a complicated web of Category options.

    Suppose someone wants to post a Parrot – and he was surfing and came to a Level where Parrots are listed – and decides to list his own Need to buy one – or to Sell one – then if he presses Listing – it takes him all the way up –
    He then has to choose to Navigate and Ignore other Categories and come back all the way to 2.3.1 – Parrots and then post.

    Can you include an option where the Admin can say – Click an option – to prevent this. So if I click Add Listing when I am watching Parrots – then it is assumed I want to post about Parrots.

    If I want to post about something else – then I can Navigate to the Main Page – find the Category and then Post there. Maybe an option like this.

    Also an option to not be able to see Higher Levels when I am at a lower level – in the Search and Filter – so that the Form for Filter looks smaller and easier to handle.

    This way – we can also have a separate photo for the Category or Sub Category – and each of these looks like a separate website.

    Please advise on how this can be done.

    Thank you very much


    Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll consider implementing them. I planned to add breadcrumbs to the “Select Category” page or re-design it so navigating the categories and re-selecting them would be easier.

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