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Add listing without registration

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  • mohammad

    Hi guys, I find your plugin and theme and they are really helped me. They are the best plugin and theme that I worked with.
    I need a help. I have to build listing website, that users can add listing without registration and signing in. Duiring the adding listing the user must add his name. Could you help me….. Thanks before….



    Unfortunately, there’s no such option, in WordPress all content items like listings should have authors, so the listing submission requires registration.


    Thanks for answer. Isn’t there any way to do this? User adds name during listing and all.
    Or the other way change the email to sms during the registration?


    Registration is almost the same, but there’re 2 fields (email and password) instead of 1 (name) 🙂 Disabling registration would require advanced code customizations, currently there’s a built-in verification of user capabilities for every action, and in WordPress non-registered user has no capabilities.

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