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Add Location to Vendor

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  • dojohnso

    When can we add location to Vendors? I’m using this directory to list tattoo shops (vendors) and have artists (listings) and it would make a lot more sense if the shop had the location, and not the artists themselves, as they can move around or work at multiple shops.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap. In the current version only listings have the location field and the search filter.


    Ok that’s great to hear! Just out of curiosity, do you have any timeline with that item on the roadmap? I can work with this for now, but as my directory and user base grows, I’ll be looking for this functionality to help my target audience get the most out of a geo search.

    Thanks! This is a great plugin overall, so far of a few different ones I’ve tried it’s my favorite.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no specific ETA at the moment, but we’re working 24/7 to update and improve all the HivePress extensions one by one.


    Hello @dojohnso .

    As i was looking for something similar like this (using more than one field for geolocation) i came across this plugin which works fine together with hivepress geolocation.

    There is a free and premium version of this. In the premium version you can set as many fields as you want to complete with google maps api and also automaticially fill out forms like they show on their website.

    You just need to add field id’s to your text attribute forms and set them as autocomplete in the plugin.

    Have fun!


    edit: so if you want to use it for location for vendors you can create a text attribute “locationvendor” or something and set it as autocomplete so users can fill out in their profile

    ihor developer

    @Jave Thanks for sharing!

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