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Add more atributes to list submitted by user

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  • amarillo114

    Hi master! I’ve just found out this piece of art (thanks a lot dude). I’m not acquainted with wordpress so I’m a bit lost. Is is possible to add more attributes to the form that appears when the button add a list is clicked? I think is /submit-listing/details/

    I’ve added some other attributes to the listings but in the form only the ones that were included in the fresh installation appears.

    Can you shed a little light on this?



    Thanks! Sure, if you edit an attribute you can check the “Allow front-end editing” option and users will be able to edit this attribute. Please check the screencasts here


    Wow! That’s what I call support! You replied after 10 minutes! 😀 Thanks a lot dude! Got it working now!


    No worries, I’m glad I could help. If you have a minute, please rate HivePress on repository This really helps to continue the development.

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