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Add Radio Button to Registration Page

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  • Michimaus

    Hello guys,
    does somebody have an idea how I could add two radio buttons to the registration page?

    I would like to let the user choose between two roles on the registration page.
    My questions:
    1. How can I add two grouped radio buttons to the registration page?
    2. How can I read the checked radio button?
    3. How can I assign a user to a user role based on the checked radio button?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    PS: I know that there are ways around it, like having people first register and then register as a vendor/host afterwards again. This way works fine, but I would really like to do it this way – also because I am super curious on how to do it…

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this – even if you change the user role HivePress still requires a vendor profile to be created in the WordPress/Vendors section, and only the listing submission form (or the vendor registration form, if you enable direct vendor registration) creates a vendor profile automatically.


    Thanks for the fast reply (as always, much appreciated!)!

    This is all fine by me. I would just like to prevent “normal” users from having a way to see the vendor register. Therefore I want them to choose a role at the registration. Only the users that chose to be a “vendor” will have an option later to fully become a vendor via vendor register.

    So, if someone has an idea on how to implement radio buttons and maybe even the necessary logic behind it, this would be awesome 🙂


    Hi ihor.
    Thank you again for your unparalleled customer support.

    I, too, need this feature. As I’ve emailed you before, we are trying to connect youth basketball players with college basketball players and need the registration process for these two groups to be entirely different. I think maybe I’m confused or am missing the sign up links.

    Is there a link for a User to register and a separate link for a vendor to register? And, if so, can they have a different form to complete? I know how to add vendor and listing attributes but cannot figure out how to get these 2 groups to register separately.

    Thanks for your help with this!

    yevhen developer

    User registration is default registration form. Then users can become vendors if you enable option Allow direct registration in HivePress/Settings/Vendors section. Then please add a new menu item with /register-vendor URL to the main menu in Appearance/Menus section, set a label like “Become a Vendor”. Users will be able to register as vendors without submitting listings. Please note that vendor profiles may be empty in this case (since vendor profile pages usually show their listings). Then you can add custom vendor attributes in Vendors/Attributes section, if you mark attributes as Required then any user trying to register as a vendor (or submit a new listing) will have to fill in these required details. So, vendor registration form will be different from user registration form.

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