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Add Request Button in the Requests Page

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  • alexif


    I want to kindly ask for your support in providing following solutions for the requests:

    1. Add Request Button in the Requests Page
    2. Go back to requests page shortcut (like in categories for ex.) on the request post


    yevhen developer

    The Post a Request link is available on all the website pages by default (in the site header). If you mean adding custom buttons to the request search and single request pages this would require customizations, there are 2 ways:
    – via the code changes
    – via the Templates feature


    I have hidden the request link and add listings buttons/icons due to not being very intuitive for the scope of my project/website. I found a good workaround/solution by using the widgets Account sidebar and used the following code to add the two buttons:

    <a class="button button--large button--primary" style="background-color: black; color: white;" href="insert_link_here" rel="noopener">Add Listings +</a>


    ihor developer

    Thanks for sharing the solution 🙂

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