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    How do i add tags to listings ? I have used the “Categories to Tag” Tool in wordpress, but that recognises the categories from posts, not from listings.


    There’s no such feature at the moment, but it will be available in the next version. For now you can try adding a custom attribute and name it “Tags”, but users will not be able to input their own tags, only select tags from the pre-defined list.


    Thank you. This works !!
    A suggestion for future versions : option of “auto-fill bar” under “field type”


    Thanks, will consider adding this attribute type.


    Tags are now implemented as an extension

    hey ihor

    in advance: thank you for Hive and your support!

    I want to check the tags extension detail.

    Can I set up a tag cloud for my homepage that allows visitors to display listings for certain tags? I saw the function via the search / filter / listing page. I want to display the tags as a cloud directly on the start page.


    Sure, you can use the Tags block to display tags, please check how it looks here (there are a few popular tags under the search form)

    ok. Thanks. Maybe a suggestion: Notifications for replies here in the thread.

    I see that I checked the notify function below my answer, but I haven’t get an email


    Please check the spam folder, I use the same option and it seems to work for the reply notifications (I’m using GMail).

    I have no spam folder / inactive spam filter and there is no mail as notification. How can check my registered e-mail in this support forum?


    Please try checking the “Notify me..” option when you submit a reply. You should also receive notifications about replies if you create a new topic.

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