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    Thanks for the updates I noticed Vendor only ,, the rest of the updates I cant seem to locate.
    example >>>> Added related listings ,, I can see where it displays or how to enable it.


    if I wasn’t clear, I don’t see how related listings would appear in listings page. Please explain how to enable this


    Related listings are enabled by default, they should appear at the bottom of a single listing page, you can set the number of listings to appear in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Display section. If listing has a category then listings from the same category will appear.


    ahhh i missed the settings part .. thanks for implmenting my suggestion.
    Your doing excellent service and i’m sure your hard work will pay off one day.

    I have a question about related listings .. I use this listing as a service business directory.
    I would like the related listing to match categories like you have it ,,, but with a radius.
    Example if I’m looking for a plumber .. I dont care to see related plumbers in a different city.
    Can you provide me a snippet for having a radius of 50 km around the results of that listing?


    Also a feature that would be good is only display featured listing as related.
    To better explain if someone paid for a basic account with no fetured listing … then there listing will never appear in another listing as a related listing. ONLY those who are listed as featured would be listed as related. Just a suggestion


    Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, but I plan to implement this and I agree that this would be a nice feature for the Geolocation extension. I’ll consider adding option for displaying featured listings first in the related section.

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