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  • noded

    Hi, is it possible to make a drop-down list of attributes when adding an annoucement, namely, I mean several drop-down lists separately for each category, because each type of boat will be somewhat different with the data that can be entered.

    ihor developer

    Yes, it’s possible but only via adding separate category-specific attributes, it should be ok if you use listing categories for different boat types.


    I don’t understand. I want to have category to choose e.g. sailing boat, rowing boat, and after when I chose category. I want to have few drop-down list e.g. one drop-down list general information (with producer, model, postal code) , next one sizes (width, height), another technical informations (engine, KW) etc. and at the end add announcement.

    ihor developer

    Yes, you can add common attributes for all categories in Listings/Attributes section, but if some attribute (field) is specific to some boat category please select this category while you edit an attribute, then it’ll appear for the selected category only.

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