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Adding attachments and a ‘Buy Now’ button

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    Hello, im trying to turn the Listing Hive into digital freelance market place similar to fiverr. Is there any way that I can add a functioning attachment link into ‘messages'(so we can send sample work and files back and fourth) and the ‘+add listing -> add details’ page? The attatchment link would have to support various documents such as .psd, .ai, .zip, etc.

    Do you happen to have a suggestion for adding in a ‘Buy Now’ button?



    I’m afraid that it would require a lot of customizations at the moment, but I’m working on a few extensions and a theme for this exact purpose, creating a digital marketplace similar to Fiverr:

    Marketplace – for calculating the balance and payouts for each seller
    Requests – to allow users post requests, and sellers to reply

    And other features/extensions for the job timeline, attachments etc.


    Thank you for your response. So at the moment there is no way where I can at least ad a buy button where it says ex: 123 / month?


    It’s possible, but this will be a simple linked button. You can add a new URL attribute, assign it to the primary page area, and set this display format:

    <a href="%value%" class="button button--large button--primary">Buy Now</a>

    Also you can add a separate attribute for price, it’s set in the same way on the demo site


    Thank you! Beautiful theme by the way


    Hi all, I’d also be very interested in this extension. Do you know when it will be ready?


    I plan to release it in May, you can subscribe to updates so you’ll get an email when it’s released


    How can i link the button to another page ? Adding it in value doesn’t work.
    Also how do i make it appear just above reply to listings button ?

    Thank you.


    Figured it out.


    @adminplantzeebo I’m glad that it’s resolved, please note that suggestions from this topic may not work anymore because this topic was created before the Marketplace extension.

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