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Adding membership packages

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  • SpiralB

    I initially purchased this theme to use as a freelance site but realized my client wants to make it more like a vendor marketplace where users can sell products. Is this possible and how can I add a paid membership functionality where users have to pay yearly in order to sign up and list products?

    ihor developer

    Sure, you can use the Paid Listings extension to charge vendors for adding listings. There’s no recurring billing feature, but you can set the listing expiration so vendors will have to pay again to renew the expired listings (e.g. once a year).


    Doesn’t look like this would work for my needs so I just added a membership plugin. Which function or class method can I run to create a new vendor once the membership is created? Also is there a specific function or class method I can use to retrieve and modify vendor attributes when specific actions are taken on the site? Thanks for all your help!

    ihor developer

    If you mean the Memberships extension it has a different purpose, it doesn’t limit the listing submissions – it restricts access to viewing the listing attributes. So it was developed to charge regular users to view listings. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to customize it to limit vendors, please consider using Paid Listings extension instead (it does the same thing – listing packages are implemented in the same way as memberships, but for vendors).


    I mean I’m using a separate membership plugin since I can bill users on a recurring basis yearly. Once they purchase, I would like to automatically create them as a new vendor programtically. Is there a specific function or class method I can use to create a vendor? Also, how do I set attributes programatically?

    ihor developer

    Then sure, if this membership plugin has some API hook for creating a subscription and you’re familiar with PHP you can try adding a vendor programmatically, it’s just a WordPress post of “hp_vendor” type (with a user set as author of this post).

    Please note that vendor profile is created automatically if user published at least 1 listing, so you can consider simply blocking the listing submission page instead, this would be much easier.


    Can we merge member with vendor and restricte to one listing only.

    ihor developer

    You can use the Paid Listings extension to limit the number of listings added by vendors.

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