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Adjust image size displayed within a job post

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  • johnhaldi

    How would I go about updating the displayed size of an image that is uploaded for a job posting? Currently whatever size image is uploaded, the image is then stretched to fill the width of the displayed job listing. Is there a way to change this?



    yevhen developer

    Please try adjusting the image sizes and cropping rules in the Settings/Media section (the Landscape size (small) for listings images). WordPress crops images only if the image size exceeds the size set in Settings/Media section.


    The problem is that even if I upload a 50×50 image, it expands the image to display it as the full width of the listed job. Please see here for an example:

    yevhen developer

    Yes, it will always fit the parent column width, if you mean centering all listing gallery images and making them smaller it is possible, but requires CSS tweaks. Please consider using the company image for adding a logo, the listing gallery can be used for some extra images related to the job.


    Do you have the CSS tweeks mentioned? Willing to give it a try to not have to tell every vendor that they have to have specially cropped photos for their listings.


    This snippet allowed me to adjust the image size to a width of the view portal:

    .hp-listing__images img {    
        width: 50% !important;    

    It’s not ideal, as a % width doesn’t really make sense on a mobile. But it was better than before.

    yevhen developer

    @johnhaldi thank you

    you can try this snippet with a small modification

    @media only screen and (min-width:48em) {
    	.hp-template--listing-view-page .hp-listing__images img {    
                width: 50% !important;    
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