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After clicking buy now, it goes straight to the checkout

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    Ihor, I did a test here off the page and when it comes to clicking on the payment button it already falls right on the checkout page without asking for authentication. Do you know what must be done for the checkout to occur only after registering or is this expected behavior? How to restrict?

    A second question: in my case, what interested me most in the marketplace is the possibility of transforming a listing as if it were a product and that was of paramount importance for my project. In case I do not place any commission, will the full value of the listing fall in the configured payment system? Thank you!


    Remembering I unchecked the privacy options so that you can not buy without an account. Do you have any more confirmation to do in woocommerce to require login after clicking buy now? Thank you!


    ihor, I was able to resolve about authentication. These settings are made on the same page in woocommerce. Thank you! Please answer the second question in my topic. Hugs!


    1. Yes, if you disable guest checkout WooCommerce will create an account automatically, so users don’t have to fill 2 forms.

    2. Sure, if you set 0 in the commission rate then vendors will get 100% of the order amount. Please note that payouts are processed manually, vendors have to submit a request first.


    So friend, this is the idea: I configured the payment to fall into my client’s payment method. Will this amount fall directly, for example, on the “store” paypal? Then after it falls that my client will pass on the correct amount? It is because this is the engineering designed for our case: the person pays the amount the money falls into paypal and then it is sent to any account of the seller. Will it work like this? And how is the payment request made to the supplier?


    Yes, all payments are made to the WooCommerce store first (via the payment methods you set up). Then if vendors have non-zero balance, they can request a payout. This screencast shows the payout request process


    Hello ihor! Thanks for another great support. The project of my client who is developing is almost done. Escape from posting it here when it’s on the air. Thanks again for the excellent work on this amazing tool!


    Thanks! If you have a moment, please rate HivePress on It means a lot because it’ll help more people to try HivePress, as a result, more bugs are reported and the community grows.

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