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    People cant register, or when they register i dont see them in wp admin under “vendors”

    This is a serious problem, because we need this sign up / listing process uploading, to work.


    So i went to register on the front end, as a user vendor.

    I got the email saying that i am registered, but as an admin i dont see this new account under vendors. BUT i do see it under “users” in wp admin…


    There’s no distinction between users and vendors on the registration step, vendor profile is created when the first listing is added. Please try to submit a new listing, and check if vendor appeared in WordPress/Vendors section.

    The issues you describe seems to be related to caching or conflicts with other plugins, if these were the common issues (random redirects and broken registration), there would be similar bug reports. If these issues remain after disabling plugins and caching you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check them.

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