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All my custom code removed automatically

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  • taranbatra


    I don’t know what happened and how it happened but on June 4, 2020 but all my custom code has been automatically removed and theme has been completely reset to default.

    Maybe there was an automatic theme update which replaced all my customizations.

    It has resulted in removal of my Google analytics, ads, etc. Can you please help me understand how this happened how it can be prevented in the future?


    I have to make all the changes again to my entire theme, this is really bad


    Please let me know how you stored these custom code snippets, you should never store them within the HivePress or ListingHive directories (this is also the case for any WordPress theme or plugin) because WordPress overrides these directories on update.

    You can create a child theme for ListingHive and add customizations to the child theme’s functions.php file or try using this plugin, then customizations will be safe from updates. Also, please consider setting up backups for your site, maybe your hosting provider offers backups or you can use this plugin

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