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Allow Attributes and their options to be Searched through text search

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    Allow attributes and their options to be searched through text search.

    As an example I created Attribute “Makes and Models” with “select” and list of options filled with car makes. Added two listings with Audis… It does find what’s needed through the side bar if I select Audi for example. However if I enter the text “Audi” in the upper search bar it can’t find those listings.

    So can you possibly add one more option to the Attributes/Search – Allow text search(query) for an attribute.

    PS: I tried Extended WP search and it is of no help,..


    The WP Extended Search plugin should work fine, it makes attribute values searchable


    It does, but if an attribute has field value set as “select” than WPES doesnt see it…


    More over you can’t sort by “select” fields either. Even if the listing has only 1 value (multiple value input is not enabled) and “Sortable” attribute is cheked(enabled).


    It’s still available, but in the taxonomy terms section, not in meta. Selectable fields can’t be sortable, because they store option IDs, not scalar values like numbers, dates or texts.

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