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Allow more than one package per user

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  • unitehearts

    @Ihor – i have more than one free package – and in case a person wants to use one package – and then use another Free Package – it is not happening. In the packages section of the person – it shows only one Package.

    Can you help with this ?

    What if later – we have paid packages and a person wants to use that for another listing while having a Free Package also – is that also possible ?


    On the select package page after Entering Details – it shows Limit Exceeded – on one Free Package and is not allowing to select another Free Package.

    Also is it possible to have the Select Package before filling in the Form ?

    ihor developer

    Please let me know if these free packages are assigned to different categories or they’re global for all categories? There can be only one free package within the same category scope.

    It’s not possible to make the package selection step the first because packages may depend on the listing details and category.


    @Ihor – thank you – what if we could have some notional payment – like some points that can be redeemed – or a special code which gives them some virtual money – how can I implement this – so that the user can in effect use another package – “paid” – but its actually “paid” in unreal money.
    Do advise.
    Thank you very much

    ihor developer

    Since package payments are powered by WooCommerce you can try using some “wallet” extension for WooCommerce like this one https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-wallet/


    thank you @Ihor – will try that – so does that mean that i can have multiple paid packages at the same time.


    i think i need to rephrase the question – can a buyer – buy more than one package – and keep them – and use them – at will – with the account.
    For example there is a restriction of just one Free Package for one Category – but suppose there are multiple paid packages in one category – can someone buy and use many of them – at the same time ?

    ihor developer

    Yes, it’s possible to purchase multiple packages, but there’s no option for selecting which one you want to use when you add or renew a listing, the package with the higher limit will be selected automatically.

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