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Allow users to boost listings

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  • ahmad lerato lekoloane

    Good day.

    I have created a directory website with listinghive and I would love to allow my users to boost their listings in form of an ad on my website. How do I go about doing so? please can anyone help

    Thank you

    ihor developer

    It’s possible to charge users for adding, renewing and featuring listings, but there’s no bumping feature yet, it’s on the roadmap. Renewing a listing will bump it to the top, but renewing is possible only if the listing is expired.

    ahmad lerato lekoloane

    ok, no problem thank you so much, Are there any other alternative options to get around this that you may know of because his website is for a client? if there is please help, however, If there isn’t it’s also ok.

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, implementing this feature would require advanced customizations. Please consider using the existing options:

    – Featuring (this rotates listings at the top of the search results)
    – Renewals (if you set some short expiration period it’s similar to bumping)
    – Submissions (charge users for adding listings)

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