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Am I using correct plugin for functions

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    I have installed the above and have created listing page on designated page of existing website.

    I have created3 categories

    I need HivePress to do the following for my listings:
    1) Private messaging to each person listed via email – not email me
    2) Only see person’s name and location initially on listing , with a link to more details about person
    3) Search listing usinglocation
    4) Search listing using surname
    5) Log in to front –end of listing for an administrator to edit and add listings
    6) Be able to review listing – more than just stars, comments as well.

    I have become stuck as how to achieve this.

    SAICE directory

    Can I set up private message to listing and CC to administrator?

    Can I expand listing to see details?



    1. Please install Messages extension. If you want users to contact each other via email please un-check “Store messages in the database” option in HivePress/Settings/Messages section.

    2. Listing title and location are displayed by default, if you add custom attributes and don’t assign them to block areas then they will not be displayed.

    3. Try installing the Geolocation extension and set Google Maps API key.

    4. If this surname is set in the listing title or description then it will be searchable by default.

    5. Users can edit listings via front-end by default, you can try adding a new listing by clicking the “Add Listing” button in the site header.

    6. You can do this with Reviews extension.

    Please check the docs first, there’re screencast about most of the HivePress and extension features

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