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Another Paid & Free Package Question

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  • jreitter

    Hey HivePress!

    First I’d like to thank you for putting out this plugin and extensions. I’m switching over from Osclass and I’m really liking it so far.

    But … I’ve read a few support topics here but I’m still confused about the packages.

    If I add a “Free” package with a limit of 1, I can’t choose it once used because my account has 0 listings in in this package left, right? If I set the limit to 1.000, I have to use all 1.000 listings until I can buy or choose another package, right?

    So … what’s the right way to set up 1 Free and a few other paid packages? I’m a little confused. Is this extension meant to be used with only paid packages?

    I really hope there will be a way to choose the package every time a user posts a listing.


    So I had another thought … “what if I made a ‘free’ woocommerce product?” This options works as intended. I can “buy” a “free” listing every time I post one now, but it is one unnecessary step more to click trough and my woocommerce order list gets spammed with “free” orders.

    I’m planning on using it on a site where I have 5000 users at the moment and a daily listing volume of ca. 50-100 listings.


    Is there an easy way to make the “free” package available each time to choose from?


    Sorry to write another entry … Just for my understanding: if I set the package limit to 1 listing, does that mean, that if the lisiting expires, the limit gets reset and the user can choose the “free” package again?

    ihor developer


    Yes, it works this way at the moment, the “Select Package” page will not be displayed until the current limit is exceeded, and free packages can’t be selected more than once (this would make the free limit and paid packages useless). I’ll consider adding an option for displaying this page on every listing submission, if it’s urgent please consider setting some low limit for the Free package (you can create multiple category-specific Free packages), so users will exceed it and will have to buy a paid package.


    Thanks for the quick answer, iho.

    My plan was to make premium packages available to choose from from with extended expiration periods and highlighting options. Highlighting listings from the backend is not as intuitive as choosing a package when posting the listing imo.

    Listings will always be free and unlimited on my site and premium features should be available to boost a listing and to make a few extra bucks. My site’s a basically a non-profit project.

    Another question: if a listing accociated with a package gets deleted, does the package counter get “refilled”?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details. I understand, and this feature will most likely be added, but there’s no ETA for it yet. If this works for you, you can try using a separate option for promoting listings after they are added

    Packages count the number of actions (submissions and renewals), the limit is not restored if the listing is deleted.


    Thanks for getting back to me, ihor.

    I’ll keep an eye out for this feature! The promoting option in the user’s dashbaord is not very intuitive as there’s no description nor a seperate page with infos and when you click on the star, it takes you directly to the check out.

    I’ll guess I have to stick to using a free (0 Euro) package and have users go trough the check-out process each time.


    ihor, do u add this function?
    I have the same problem 🙁 and i need it urgently.

    ihor developer

    @Mamutek If you mean displaying packages on every listing submission (even if the current user has a non-zero limit) there’s no such feature yet.


    Thank u. I hop so, that it will be in the future 🙂


    Hi, Ihor. Do I understand this correctly? If I have four packages (1 free and 3 paid) and all are set to say 10,000 limit, once a user selects the free package they will not be able to select any other package until all 10,000 listings are submitted?
    I want to have 4 options available all of the time.


    @Blauweogen jup, that’s how it works. I created a 0€ Package and two paid packages on my site. The downside is, that users need to go trough the checkout process even for the free package.



    Wow, that is a major problem for me. But, you can unselect any Woocommerce product linked to the free package and it will skip checkout. 😉


    Unselect what?

    I did set the limit for each package to 1 btw.


    If you set the “WooCommerce Product” to – in the package settings, it should bypass the checkout. (You are unselecting any woo product for that package.)

    ihor developer

    Yes, it works this way in the current version, but we’ll try to improve this in future updates (probably via a custom option). By default packages don’t work like membership plans (one at a time), if you purchase multiple packages (e.g. if packages are category-specific) then all purchased packages will be added to the user account, and the user will not be prompted to purchase another one until the limit is exceeded.


    Aaah, thanks for showing me this. Didn’t know that this even works. @ihor, did this get optional over time?

    Do you want to sell prepaid packages or let the user pay per listing? Or why did you set the limit to 10.000?


    Ah, nevermind. I totally forgot about how this plugin is supposed to work.

    Sure, if you don’t select the Woocommerce package it will be free and there won’t be a checkout process but in my case, in order to be able to select a package every time, I set its limit to 1. And if don’t use a 0€ Woocommerce package, the free package can only be used once per user and cannot be renewed.

    Going trough the checkout process isn’t a big deal for my 4000 users. I renamed the button on the package selection page so it doese’t say “buy this” or whotever it says in english, but “select this for free” or so.

    But yes, this really should be changed and I’ve never fully understood Ihor’s intentions with this mechanic in the first place.


    @jreitter Hmm, thanks for that. Originally, I had the package at 1, but I thought that no one would be able to select it again after using it the first time. I will test this.

    Thank you, that gives me a better idea of how it works.

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