Free Directory, Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin Support General HivePress Anyone make any $$$ with this drectory ?

Anyone make any $$$ with this drectory ?

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    Hi All,
    Ive been using this directory since its release and have a question?
    Has anybody had paid listings yet?
    If yes,
    How much do you charge?
    How easy is it to get customers?
    Do you fill the directory before approaching potential customers?
    Does your website ranking help your sales?

    Perhaps make this a STICKY @ihor


    I believe that marketing strategy and profit heavily depend on the type of directory and a way of monetization, e.g. it may be hard to make a directory profitable if your direct competitors are Yelp, Zomato or Foursquare, but if you build a local or niche directory it will be profitable. Here’s a good example I think it’s possible to build a community around the niche directory like this one.


    Or this one When you search “buy local wine Texas” it’s more likely to appear first than some generic business directory or classifieds website.

    Thanks for your comments Ihor, I’ll give it consideration.

    I’ve got & many many more.

    So i guess these would be a great niche for my country of Wales which has an approx population of 3,500,000 & over 8 million visitors a year.

    I think i will have to populate these sites & blog first before making a play for customers.

    I’d still be interested to know if anyone is generating $$$ or maybe strategy

    Thanks again


    I created a sticky topic for marketing tips and discussion, hope this helps

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