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    It is written “Archives” before the title of the page, any idea why and how to remove it please?


    Also one more question: Why there is a huge empty area on right side of the screen?


    Please try using this CSS code snippet, it should resolve both styling issues:

    .post-type-archive-hp_listing .page-title {display:none;}
    .single-hp_listing .wf-container-main {display:block;}

    They did not work indeed, it removed the whole title, not just the text “archive”. Also second one did not do the trick. Still there is a gap


    Unfortunately there’s no way to exclude the part of the title, please try using some SEO plugin for manually setting titles for different URLs. Please try using this CSS snippet instead:

    .single-hp_listing .wf-container-main {display:block!important;}

    It worked for me Please note that these are styling conflicts with the current theme you’re using, these are not related to HivePress functionality, if you’re familiar with HTML/CSS snippets please try fixing them via the browser web inspector.

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