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Atributes – Check Box

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  • Elisa

    I´m making a classified web site and I´m using Listinghive as theme. I´ve created the categories and the atribute for each category. One of the atribute is “Comuna ” something similar to County in USA. To avoid mistakes, the field type of this atribute is a check box. What I want to know is how to prepare the check box, I mean, write all the names, and the person just have to click at his comuna and check.
    I´m new at web pages, so I would be really glad if you could answer in a simple way, without so many tecnical words

    ihor developer

    If you want to make it a multiple choice field please change the attribute type to “Checkboxes” instead of “Checkbox”, then “Edit Options” button will appear in attribute settings and you’ll be able to manually add counties. Then users will be able to select one or more counties for each listing. If you want it to be a single choice field you can use the “Select” type.

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