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Attribute base on category

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    I would like to different request forms based on the category a user chooses to make the request. For example, ship a car, ship a pet, ship freight. These all have different attributes that they require. Is it possible to have certain attributes shown based on a category selected? Thanks.

    yevhen developer

    There is no such feature at the moment, but we plan to add category-specific request attributes to the next update (the same as for listings).


    Thank you for the response do I know what the timeline will be for this update? Also, how does one include addresses in the attribute? I will like to add pickup and delivery addresses to a request. Thanks

    ihor developer

    We plan to update Requests within 2 weeks or less. Please consider using the Text attribute type for the location fields, currently there’s no specific type for locations (there’s a specific Location field but it’s implemented in Geolocation as a single field per listing).


    Thank you for the response. Will be patiently waiting for this. Thanks


    It’s been a while just checking if this update is coming soon. Thanks

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the delay, this feature is still on the roadmap but we already implemented Search Alerts support for requests and Geolocation integration is on the way (the ETA is next week).

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