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Attribute field changes not displaying (price / hour)

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  • rachelle

    Hello! I’ve modified the price attribute on listings to display $%value$/hr instead or $%value$/night, but… no matter what I change on the attributes settings nothing gets affected on the listings page.

    I even tried removing the pricing entirely from being displayed on the sidebar area but for example “$25” is persistently shown instead of “$25/hr”. I can never hide it or add the modifier to the end.

    Did I somehow break something? Or why wouldn’t it be reflecting the changes — the other attributes seem to be working correctly.


    Also – mistyped it in there in my rush to spit the question out… I meant to write $%value%/hr and $%value%/night

    yevhen developer

    If you use the Bookings extension this is a built-in attribute, it may not be available in the Listings/Attributes section. Please try changing this attribute format via Loco Translate (in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress Bookings section)


    OK, I actually figured out its WooCommerce that’s overriding the pricing tag in the listings page. If I deactivate WooCommerce, the correct “$x/hr” is displayed but as soon as I reactivate it it defaults back to “$X.XX”

    yevhen developer

    WooCommerce itself should not affect the HivePress attributes, but when you deactivate WooCommerce the HivePress Marketplace extension is also disabled (it depends on WooCommerce). The price format is set in the Marketplace extension, please try following the suggestions to change this format via Loco Translate if required.


    Hey Yevhen,
    Thanks for your replies! I don’t know how to use LocoTranslate (unless someone can provide exact step by step instructions)… but I definitely identified that it is whenever WooCommerce is set to “active” that the price structure changes. I tried deleting the plug-in and doing a fresh install incase I had changed any settings but, same thing happens. I definitely need to us WooCommerce, so getting this fixed would be very important. I thought HivePress + WooCommerce were designed to work hand-in-hand, so confused as to this complication.

    I double checked and the Marketplace extension is active (also deleted and reinstalled that one just in case). I am using the Bookings plugin too, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. Rather, the issue only manifests when I activate the WooCommerce plugin.

    yevhen developer

    Yes, if you activate WooCommerce & Marketplace then the Marketplace Price field overrides the custom attribute you added in Listings/Attributes. Please try using this code snippet to change the Price display format:

    	function( $attributes ) {
    		if ( isset( $attributes['price'] ) ) {
    			$attributes['price']['display_format'] = '%value%/hr';
    		return $attributes;

    You can add this code snippet using the Code Snippets plugin
    Hope this helps.


    Amazing! Thanks so much – worked like a charm!

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