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    Hi ihor,

    I changed the slug name on my ‘contact’ attribute as it did not match and thought this would only effect the site SEO but in stead it has removed all the listings contact info completely. Is there anyway to undo this?

    I did this for a number of my attributes so that the slug name matches the attribute name- sigh-


    Sure, the attribute values were not deleted so you can just change the slugs back. Slugs are like attribute IDs so it’s important to set them correctly from the start, before any values are set, but they are not used on the front-end so even if there are non-semantic slugs this shouldn’t affect SEO.


    Okay thanks iHor,

    I changed many of them and can’t remember what they were originally.

    Is there a way to ‘undo’ or go back to an old revision?


    WordPress doesn’t store the slug revisions, but if your hosting provider has some tool for viewing the database you can check the “wp_postmeta” table, it stores the attribute values (check rows with “hp_” prefix, these are listing attributes).


    I’ll check, thanks Ihor!

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