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Attribute sorting issue, featured image issue

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  • Thetony22

    So I almost have this all figured out. I reached out to some people on fiverr that help with AP All Import Pro but they said it’s a template issue, so sort of on my own trying to figure this out.
    Remaining issues:
    1) All of the attributes are showing up as wanted which took a minute to figure out how to make it work with WP All Import. I can sort by all attributes, except for salary and location (using google API). I have another attribute with the editing field type set to textarea and field type for search as number range and it works. I have salary set the same way and it doesn’t, even though it shows up and is accurately imported into the job posting.
    The salary imports from the csv like this “$7,555/wk” so I thought it could be an issue because it’s not just the number itself, maybe affecting the sorting. But for the attributes that sort well, they import as “8 weeks” and “48 hours per week” – so if those words don’t affect sorting I’m not why I’m having this issue.
    2) Location – all location show up accurately on the job listings, but I can’t search by location, as nothing comes up. Locations are imported as “Plattsburgh, NY” and I’m using google api, not sure how to fix this.
    3) The images all import with WP All Import, but even clicking the box for featured image they don’t show up in the thumbnail on the main listing page. I’m not sure how to correct this, and on the job description page they are all way to big and I need to adjust the formatting.
    4) I have start dates imported as “02/21/2022” or “ASAP” and I have the field type for editing set as textarea but on the job listing some just show “44606”. I’m not sure where that number came from. All of the ASAP one’s show accurately on the job listing, but the one’s with dates don’t.

    Salary is really the most import issue to fix and location after that. I love the theme and don’t want to change it, please let me know how to fix these. Thank you!

    ihor developer


    1. If there’s a Number Range search type, then the Number type is required (in the Edit section) for this attribute to work correctly. Then please try importing salaries as numbers to the post meta fields with “hp_salaryattributenamehere” key.

    2. Please make sure that you also imported latitude/longitude (to “hp_latitude”, “hp_longitude” meta fields), if just the location labels are imported then the radius-based location search will not work correctly.

    3. Please consider using listing gallery images for some job-specific images, while the company logo can be set as a vendor image (vendors are custom post types of “hp_vendor” type, these are set as post_parent for listings, which are implemented as “hp_listing post type).

    4. If this field can contain values like ASAP or specific date please make sure that it’s a Text/Textarea attribute, if you import these values as post meta fields they should be displayed without changes.

    Hope this helps.


    Thank you!
    So I’m a little confused on using the post meta fields/custom fields

    I did the auto-detect, but honestly was very confused looking at that part. So I imported the jobs without using any of the fields (and it was very close to working overall with using those fields besides those issues)
    Is there specific documentation on using the fields? Or do you have any advice on using those fields?
    So like for salary the attribute is titled salary, so I would put hp_salary in the left portion, and then using WP All Import I would put the salary in the box next to that? Then do I need do anything else?
    Could you just explain please a little bit on using those, specifically with my issues?
    Thank you for everything


    Okay so got mostly all of it figured out,
    The only thing now is location and image
    With hp_location in the custom fields I see the longitude and latitude sections I can include
    But for the overall bulk import, I dont have a column in the csv for latitude longitude, so I don’t know how to draw those for each one. That one might be difficult.
    But as for image, I test downloaded a csv for 10 jobs after updating all the assocaited companies and having their images uploaded in their featured company image

    Now out of those 10 jobs, only one had the image come up on the job postings. Any idea how to fix this? I can set it to use the company image during the import?


    So they all look they processed and mapped to the correct company
    For some reason, for the one’s that didn’t show, the company selection on the post editing is sorta darkened so you can’t change it, and the company name doesn’t come up on the post
    For the one that worked it shows up, the image shows up, and you can change the company if you want. Hard for me to figure out because they were all imported in bulk, and the one the post with the company that works, is the same company for two other posts
    Any idea why that happened?


    Okay so I somehow got it figured out using the custom fields
    Only thing left – for location I need to put the latitude and longitude in those fields right? Just making sure bc then I need to extract those too per each location right? When scraping the data

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, if the import plugin has some options for mapping CSV columns to specific meta fields please map them to “hp_latitude” and “hp_longitude” meta fields, then the location search should work fine. The “hp_location” field just contains the location label (displayed on the listing preview/page).
    Please let me know if guidance on meta fields/taxonomies is still required or the rest of the fields are already mapped correctly?


    Everything else worked out perfectly just took a while figuring how to adjust the import with it.

    And I would have to map individual latitudes and longitudes to those fields, right? Because I can’t scrap those unfortunately. I couldn’t just map the location to those fields I’m assuming.

    ihor developer

    If you don’t have the latitude/longitude in the data source this would probably require a custom script for preparing the data, e.g. iterating over all the location labels, querying Open Street Maps and fetching latitude/longitude, then saving these to the CSV columns (if you have the source data as a CSV file). Unfortunately there’s no easy way to pre-fill these if the location is not selected from the Maps API result.

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