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Attributes also have parents and child

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    Is it possible that we can have parents for Attributes too – a use case maybe

    if someone is a Man – does he have a Moustache or a beard – if he has a beard – then is it long or short etc.
    Meaning the Options will show only if the previous attribute is selected – else will stay hidden.

    Another case maybe
    – if Woman – does she wear heels – if so – does she wear pumps or stilettos – like that


    I noticed that there is a way in which this maybe used – but when i tried – it did not work.

    Assuming we chose an Attribute and started filling its options.

    I will take the example of Attribute being “Place”

    So if USA is the country – New York is a state – NYC is a city – So is Jersey.

    So if it is filtered by USA – then all ads from NY and NYC and Jersey should show. It does not – it shows blank – because no ad directly selected USA.
    I was thinking that based on this logic in description
    (Assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Jazz, for example, would be the parent of Bebop and Big Band.) – if i selected Jazz – all ads with Bebop and Big Band will show too – but this is not happening.

    If filtered by NYC – only NYC does show.

    Please guide on this – is it a Bug – or I am doing something wrong ?


    Thanks for your suggestions. Dependant attributes are not implemented yet, you can try using a single selectable attribute with hierarchy (please note that search by parent attribute doesn’t include the child attribute listings).

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