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    I found the attribute icons interesting, but I’m not sure how to use them.

    1. Listing (back-end): How to replace the title text of the attributes with the icons (icon: Text value)?

    2. Is it possible to add an icon of the main social networks (Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram) to this list of attribute icons and make them clickable?


    1. Please try using the %icon% token in the attribute display format. If you mean adding an icon before the attribute label (or replacing it) it’s not possible for the secondary display areas because attribute labels are hard-coded there, this will be changed in the future updates.

    2. The FontAwesome icon pack used in HivePress doesn’t have these icons (they have a separate pack for company logos, but it’s too large), you can try using custom images or third-party icon pack for this purpose.

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