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  • KellyLyn_TCS

    I’m testing this to see if I can use it effectively with my middle school web design class.

    1) In the test page that I’ve created, I cannot get the “Attribute” fields I created to load any of the Add Listing category pages.

    In WP, on the Listings >Attibutes page, I see the title of my attribute, the categories I’ve associated with it, and that was “Published 2022/01/08 at 6:41 pm.” Unfortunately, those attributes are not showing up on the actual Add Listing page.

    2) Is there a setting I can change so users of the site do not need to log in?


    yevhen developer

    1) Please make sure that the Editable option is checked for this attribute, then the attribute field should appear in the front-end listing form.

    2) Sorry, there is no such option at the moment, every listing should be linked to some user ID.


    1) Perfect! Thank you 🙂

    2) It would be lovely if you had google SSO so students could use the site 🙁

    yevhen developer

    If you mean allowing students to sign in via Google with 1 click please consider using the Social Login extension ( https://hivepress.io/extensions/social-login/ )


    Yes! Thank you – that’s exactly what I was hoping for.
    I purchased the Social Login, installed it [btw, a link to https://help.hivepress.io/article/9-how-to-install-an-extension in the confirmation email would have been super helpful, rather than having me come back here to search for that info], and added my license key in HivePress > Settings > Integrations > HivePress Store section. The Social Login extension is showing up in the WP “installed plug-ins” page. How long should I expect to wait until the extension works on the website?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll try to improve the docs. If you want to enable Google Login, please follow these steps:
    1. Enable Google in Authentication Methods in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section.
    2. Follow the “Adding Google Login Button” section here to get the Google Client ID and Secret keys https://hivepress.io/blog/add-social-login-to-wordpress-business-directory/ Also, copy the Redirect URL from HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section and set it in the Google project settings.
    3. Once you set the Client ID and Secret in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section, the Google login button should appear in the login/registration forms for users.
    Hope this helps.

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