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Attributes without binding to categories and tags for requests

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  • Stanyslav

    In listings, attributes can be combined with categories, but this cannot be done in requests. Will it ever be done or is there an opportunity to do it yourself in any way?
    And will it be possible to use tags for requests, as well as for listings? Or is it possible to add tags to the requests yourself in some way?

    ihor developer

    Yes, we plan to implement this feature but there’s no simple code snippet for adding it at the moment. Please try adding a custom Select attribute with multiple selection enabled as a temporary workaround for tags.


    Напишу на еще и на русском потому что наверное не все что я написал поняли.
    Про тэги вы мен обрадовали , а если бы еще ответили какие сроки было бы вообще отлично!
    И все же я хотел уточнить можно ли как то решить вопрос с тем что атрибуты в запросах нельзя привязать к категория , как это сделано в объявлениях?

    I will write in also in Russian because probably not everything that I wrote was understood.
    You made me happy about the tags, and if you had answered what deadlines it would have been great at all!
    And yet I wanted to clarify whether it is possible to somehow solve the issue with the fact that attributes in queries cannot be tied to a category, as is done in listings?

    ihor developer

    There’s no ETA for this feature at the moment, but we update all the extensions one by one as soon as possible. At the moment Requests don’t support category-specific attributes, this requires adding an extra step to the request posting process (the Select Category step), to show a category-specific form on the next step (Add Details).


    Thank you, it’s a pity that this is all now, but I will really wait for you to implement!

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