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  • mohamad.modaghmesh

    Thank you very much for this nice plugins.
    I am new in wordpress so i don’t know if I do fail or not!!
    The problem is when I added a new attribute and select one or two Categories the attribute field didn’t appear but when I didn’t select any Categories the attribute field appear.
    Who can I use new attribute for specific Categories?
    Best Regards.
    Mohamad Modaghmesh.

    ihor developer


    Thanks, glad you like it! If you don’t set categories for an attribute it will appear for all listings. If you want some attribute to be category-specific and set categories, then if you click “Add Listing” and select one of these categories, attribute should appear in the listing form.


    Thanks for the answer but the problem is not solved I have selected one Category as you told me and the field does not appear when I want to add listing…. It’s only appears when I don’t choose any Categories.

    ihor developer

    I found a bug, it’ll be fixed in the next version (in a few days). If it’s urgent please add this code after line 649 in hivepress/includes/controllers/class-listing.php file:

    set_query_var( 'hp_listing_id', $listing_id );


    Thank you


    another question:
    I create one attribute for cars brand and another for Models
    How can I connect them together in select field?

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment (if you mean showing different models depending on selected brand), but dependant attributes are on the roadmap.

    ihor developer

    Attribute issues are fixed in the latest version, so closing this topic.

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