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Automatic emails error

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  • Malek


    I know that there’s issue with the %username% field. When a user request a password reset this issue also appear.

    1. When will you correct this issue (which is global) ?
    2. If I have to create a custom email what field should I put for the password reset link (which is user custom) ?
    3. How can I list all the field I can use my custom email ? (e.g %user_name% ….)


    yevhen developer

    1) Please use %user_name% instead of %username%

    2) If you create custom email in HivePress/Emails and you set Password Reset in event select field in email then you can use %password_reset_url% token to add password reset link to your email

    3) You can see possible tokens in Details section when you add/edit emails in HivePress/Emails


    Can you show me a screenshot showing the location of the Details section because I don’t see it.

    yevhen developer

    Please check this screenshot

    In the bottom of the image you can see Details section


    This section doesn’t appear for me.

    yevhen developer

    Please choose some event type in section Settings which you can also see on screenshot and save. Then tokens in Details section will appear depending on event type you have chosen above


    Sorry this what I’m doing since the beginning but I’m not able to display the section.
    Please take a look at this screenshot:


    I had this same problem until I realized you have to Publish the email before the tags will show up.


    Indeed, I see the section now.


    I @Malek,
    first of all create e new custom email, then you save, and then, when the page refresh you find every details you needed.


    ihor developer

    @wendrich @fsimoni Thanks everyone 🙂

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